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Morgan County Juvenile Probation Office

Welcome to the official website for the Morgan County Juvenile Probation Office. Located on the third floor of the Morgan County Courthouse, the Juvenile Probation Office employs a Chief Probation Officer, six Probation Officers, and several support staff members.

As an agency, our office is responsible for receiving and examining complaints filed with this office against juveniles who have allegedly committed crimes in Morgan County, who are ungovernable, have run away from home, or are truant from school. Our examination of the complaints is not an investigation of the facts but a review of the facts. The purpose of the examination is to determine whether Court action seems necessary. After juveniles are placed under the supervision of this office by the Juvenile Court Judge, supervision and compliance monitoring are provided.


The mission of the Morgan County Juvenile Probation Office is to serve the child and family by providing structure, guidance, and services. By partnering with local and state agencies we will:
  • Hold a child who has been found to be delinquent accountable for his or her actions to the extent of the age, education, mental and physical condition, and background of the child, and all other relevant factors and to provide a program of supervision, care, and rehabilitation, including restitution by the child to the victim of his or her delinquent acts.
  • Promote a continuum of services for children and their families from prevision to aftercare.

  • Preserve and strengthen the family of the child whenever possible, including improvement of the home environment of the child.
  • Remove the child from the custody of his or her parent or parents only when it is judicially determined to be in his or her best interests or for the safety and protection of the public.
  • Reunite a child with his or her parent or parents as quickly and as safely as possible when the child has been removed from the custody of his or her parent or parents unless reunification is judicially determined not to be in the best interests of the child.
  • Secure for any child removed from parental custody the necessary treatment, care, guidance, and discipline to assist him or her in becoming a responsible, predictive member of society.
  • Achieve the foregoing goals in the least restrictive setting necessary, with a preference at all times for the preservation of the family and the integration of parental accountability and participation in treatment and counseling programs.

Special Services

Through partnerships with other agencies, the Morgan County Juvenile Probation Office is able to offer certain special services to children under the supervision of the juvenile court. These special services include “clinical” services such as mental health and substance abuse treatment. Having clinical services providers in our offices ensures greater communication between the probation officer and counselor and timely access to information that promotes the best possible outcomes for the children and their families.

Screening Resource Specialist

Morgan County Juvenile Court has partnered with Morgan County System of Services to employ a Screening Resource Specialist (SRS). This SRS is tasked with screening every new child coming into juvenile court with delinquent or CHINS charges. The SRS utilizes tools such as the nationally recognized surveys POSIT and MAYSI-2, client/parent interviews, and drug screening to identify needs in areas such as mental health, substance abuse, education, vocation, and family/peer relations. If the screening process identifies any needs or concerns, the SRS refers the client for mental health and/or substance abuse assessment. The SRS and treatment providers assist parents in identifying insurance resources and help with completing any online applications.

Mental Health Counseling

The Morgan County Juvenile Probation Office has partnered with the Mental Health Center of North Alabama to provide mental health counseling to those children who are under the supervision of the juvenile court. The juvenile probation officer can make a referral to a therapist and an initial appointment date is set. During the initial interview, the therapist will complete a comprehensive assessment with the entire family to observe the child’s current strengths and barriers. After the assessment is completed, the therapist and the family will work together as a team to determine the appropriate level of care for the child. Those services could include continued outpatient treatment, inpatient treatment, or an additional referral to a different facility where the child’s needs will be met. If outpatient services are recommended, the counseling sessions can be either individual or family and are centered on the child’s current barriers while concentrating closely on the overall goal to decorate those behaviors. Therapy will be provided to the child and family at the frequency recommended at the initial assessment. The counselor’s office is located in the juvenile probation office.

Substance Abuse Counseling

Morgan County Juvenile Probation Office has partnered with Southern Wellness to provide substance abuse assessments and outpatient treatment programs. Their substance abuse therapist will do an assessment to determine the appropriate level of care that is right for the child. Therapy will be provided to the child and family at the frequency recommended at the initial assessment. Southern Wellness will cover the needs for outpatient treatment as well as any individual counseling, family counseling, or case management recommended at the time of assessment. If the child is in need of inpatient treatment, the therapist will assist in getting the child admitted to the most appropriate facility. Once outpatient or inpatient treatment has been completed, the child will enter an aftercare program of group or individual counseling sessions occurring once weekly.

Juvenile Probation Office Staff

Chief Probation Officer

Probation Staff

Support Staff

Special Services Staff

Disclaimer: The information contained in these pages is provided as a public service to the residents of Morgan County and should not be considered as legal advice or counsel. Every juvenile and every case served by the Probation Office is unique and what applies to one individual or case may or may not apply to another.

Contact Morgan County Juvenile Probation Office

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