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Morgan County Environmental Services & Recycling

Morgan County Environmental Services is responsible for the collection of all household waste in the unincorporated areas of Morgan County. Environmental Services also has contracts with the incorporated towns of Priceville, Falkville, Somerville, Eva, and Trinity. Environmental Services does not collect any household waste in Decatur or Hartselle.

Morgan County Recycling

Morgan County Recycling has 14 recycling trailers located in different areas of Morgan County for area residents to drop off household recycling.

Morgan County Recycling accepts newspapers, magazines, office paper, cardboard, tin cans, aluminum, plastic bottles (water, detergent, etc.). Residents may mix all recyclables EXCEPT paper items. All paper can go in the newspaper bin. Recycling does not accept glass.

Operations & Policies


Environmental Services operates four days per week, Monday-Thursday 7 am to 4 pm, 53 weeks per year, and is closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. If your collection day falls on either one of those holidays or after one of those holidays, your garbage pick-up will be one day late. Please follow us on our Facebook page for the most current information available regarding route changes, inclement weather, and holiday schedules.

Important Cart Instructions

Trash carts are the property of Morgan County Environmental Services, and it is the responsibility of the homeowner, landowner, or renter to read and comply with policies to ensure efficient collection and avoid charges for the replacement or repair of Morgan County property:

  • Carts must be placed on the side of the pavement for pickup by 6 a.m. on the scheduled collection days.

  • Carts must be placed right next to the pavement, or the automated arm cannot reach it for pickup. It is not the responsibility of sanitation workers to move improperly placed carts to complete pickup.

  • Carts must be at least four feet away from any object (other carts, a mailbox, markers, fences, etc.) in order to complete trash collection and protect property, and must be 10 feet away from any parked vehicles.

  • Do not place any trash around the cart. It will not be picked up and also will obstruct our ability to pick up the cart.

  • Arrows on the lid of the cart must be facing the roadway. Handles and wheels should face the home.

  • The cart cannot be picked up if turned in the other direction or sideways, as it could result in damage to the cart and scattered trash.

  • One cart is provided to each household at no charge. Extra carts are available for an additional $6 monthly. Call our office for more information about getting another cart, or click here to download an Additional Cart Form and submit the request to our department. The form may be faxed, emailed, or post-mailed. Your utility company account number is required to set up billing.

  • Morgan County carts will only be picked up for sanitation service. No personal carts or other carts of any type will be picked up as part of our service. The carts we provide are specifically designed to withstand the force of the mechanical gripper and lifting arm on our collection vehicles.

Guidelines for Household Garbage Disposal

Please refer to the below information for guidelines on the types of refuse we will accept and how to properly dispose of these items.

  • We accept household trash ONLY.

  • Please bag all garbage to control litter and ensure sanitation. Bagging all garbage will prevent spillage and help keep your neighborhood clean.

  • If one trash cart is not enough to meet your household needs, an extra cart may be requested, as noted above.

  • All pet waste MUST be bagged for sanitation and to prevent odor.

  • For individuals disposing of diabetic or other similar waste, please put syringes and hypodermic needles in a two-liter coffee can or similar container with a secure lid for safe disposal. Do not place loosely in the garbage.

  • Do not put yard debris, rocks, dirt, building and construction debris, hot or flammable items, hazardous material, or chemicals in your trash cart.

Chemical Collection

Decatur City Public Works offers Chemical Collection Day on the second Saturday of each month, from 9 a.m. to noon, at 1802 Central Parkway S.W. in Decatur. They will accept hazardous chemicals, wet paint, motor oil, batteries, and other similar types of waste.

Call 256-341-4740 for more information.

Additional Questions about Environmental Services?

Contact Morgan County Environmental Services / Recycling

1316 Industrial Drive SE
Hartselle, AL 35640


Phone: 256-773-3887
Fax: 256-773-4113